Salsa and Latin dance society are finally online. Check out this site for what we do, class info, club nights and online salsa practice. here we will post up any pictures from the different nights we do and the sight can be used to share the love for salsa, and aid us fund raise as much as we can for wateraid.

Our goal- have as many universities in the UK doing the same thing, and ultimately raise enough money for wateraid to supply the entire third world with water. It sounds impossible but the only thing that could limit us from achieving this is lack of belief!!!!

What an exchange- we teach you a skill that will serve you and provide you with enjoyment for the rest of your life, and in exchange you invest your small amounts of money in changing someone elses life. £15 provides a lasting supply of water for 1 individual. If you come to our salsa classes twice a week, you may save someones life within your first month by saving them from a waterborne infection.

5000 children die EVERYDAY from water related diseases. LETS CHANGE THIS BY LEARNING SALSA!!!!!!!!!!


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