Salsa4water Club Night Tomorrow night and LA classes!

Get on your dancing shoes and roll on down to our Club night Tomorrow night. We have an amazing dance floor and a great set of speakers, and all for only £2 at the Glasgow University Union! Additionally, as always, all money goes to wateraid! Click on this link for our Salsa Club Night event on facebook, and come to the GUU tomorrow night at 20.00-23.00!

Music-wise, there will be a mix of music including Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Merengue and more.

The only way you can ever become a really good dancer is to practice by going out to night clubs- that’s the nice thing about salsa- if you want to get good at other sports (e.g. running, cycling, swimming, boxing etc), Sadly you cant do it by having fun in a night club (unless there is some special sort of night clubs that I dont know about…I’ll ask Megan bout that?) Anyway the beauty of salsa is going out clubbing is the way to get better.

Also, click on our Facebook event page and come down to our Salsa4water LA classes tomorrow at 15.00. Don’t forget about the time-change to these classes (now starting at 15.00 as opposed to 14.00). They are new to our timetable and are incredibly fun and completley different to our Cuban Salsa Classes That start tomorrow at 16.00.

See You all there

Sam and Salsa4water Team


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