Rumba Class Tomorrow (Sunday) in Stevenson Gym

Afrocuban Rumba is what differentiates the way Cuban salsa looks from other Salsa forms, and allows you to add spice to everything you do in Cuban salsa. All the worlds best Cuban dancers dance rumba, BAR NONE! 

Here’s your chance to give Rumba a go, and add some spice to your dance. The best Cuban dancers do simple moves, but make them look amazing-this is in my eyes the definition of “styling”- making simple shit look good!

It will be aimed at “beginners”, but even “advanced” dancers can take a lot from this as I will be imparting techniques (both learned from others and invented by myself) that can allow you to take yourself to the next level. 

I will not be doing many of these classes, so get down there to give it a try whilst the opportunity is there, and if you really like it, I will send you to a Rumba specialist to continue your Rumbeducation after this short course.

Only £3 entry and all money goes to Wateraid. The class is in the Stevenson gym, Oakfield Avenue, at 1.30-2.30pm tomorrow (Sunday 30th October)

However, NON-GYM MEMBERS MUST BE SIGNED IN BY A MEMBER, AND WILL HAVE TO PAY £4 ENTRY TO THE GYM, which is obviously not ideal for non-members, but you are welcome to come anyway!

I hope to see many of you there. The class will be taken by myself (Sam) and Krista (hopefully).
Cheers guys
Sam and Salsa4water Team


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