Well done salseros and Linguists and Thank you. Now help us make this project explode!!

Recent update with money:

*Total Amount Raised and donated to wateraid this academic year: £3,900

*Total Amount Raised so far since project started in March 2009: £19,600 (including my “run” over the summer for wateraid)

* Total Amount donated so far; £18,500 (as £1,100 was spent on the sound system for classes and club night in 2010).

****We want to hit the £21,000 mark on the donations before Christmas, as our original aim was to raise £20,000 but I think we have done so well that we can beat that!
…Hence that gives us 3.5 weeks to raise £2500!!!

We have raised enough money to buy 19 watering/sanitation systems for different impoverished communities across Africa and Asia, changing the lives of 1300 people and saving many parents from the pain of loosing another child to diarrhoea!!!

We couldn’t have even come close to this figure without the continued support by our salsa and language students, and above all, our dedicated teachers who have shown such dedication, motivation, love and positivity towards the salsa4water and language4water projects. You guys have given it so much heart that I often feel we as a group get more out of this project than we put in, just by from each-others energy, despite the fact that we are all doing it for free!

Also, a special thanks to George Carter of Jon Jepson Black Belt Academy Derby, and James Sheehan of Castle Martial Arts Sheffield, ran the Pennine way this summer, helping us raise £5000 for Wateraid. We wouldn’t have reached this amazing £20,000 goal without you.

So, how YOU can help us:
1) Come to our classes and enjoy yourselves by learning a dance that you can carry across the world with you and enable you to immediately connect and interact with complete strangers
2) Learn a language that will serve you for the rest of your life and improve your CV hugely
4) Join our Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/58449993092/)


We will be throwing a special Christmas party to raise extra money for Wateraid and give you guys a special Adiós for Xmas, so keep checking here for updates!

Much love
Sam and the salsa4water team


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