The 2012 Language course commences in 1 week today on the 23rd of January, and will continue until Easter…

“4000 children die every day from drinking dirty water”


Both students & Non-students allowed.

THIS TIME WE ARE NOT DOING DROP-INS. THE ONLY OPTION IS £20 FOR 8 CLASSES*** FIRST COME FIRST SERVE !! No deposits– all money must be paid up front. We will be taking sign-ups everyday this week outside the library (see below)

The languages on offer are:

TIME (PM) Mondays- Chaplaincy (upstairs) Tuesday- Chaplaincy (downstairs)
5-6 Swedish I & II Spanish I
6-7 German I & II Spanish II
7-8 French I & II Chinese I
8-9 Portuguese I (TBC)


Glasgow University Catholic Chaplaincy,  13 Southpark Terrace (Off S.Park Av)- G12 8LG … (NOT THE CENTRAL CHAPLAINCY!)…

We are taking sign ups, outside the library, this week only, at the following times. Remember, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

  • Monday- 2-3pm
  • Tuesday- 12-3pm
  • Wednesday- 1-3pm
  • Thursday- 1-3pm
  • Friday- 12-3pm



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