SUNDAY SPECIAL: Party, Chacha, LA masterclass, Salsa con Rumba +

Tomorrow we have a very special day for you all:

15.00-16.30- LA Materclass with Jamie Gabbay– £6 (£4 students)
16.30-17.30- Beginners Cuban (£3)
17.30-19.00- Intermediate Cuban and Advanced Cuban con Rumba (£3 or free if paid for beginners)
19.00-20.00- Breakdancing (£3)
20.00-21.00- Chacha workshop (£3)
21.00-00.00- Special Club night (£3 or £2 with chacha)

Alternatively, get all this for only £12 (£10 for students)!

So here’s a little info on the different events :

A masterclass on the principles of CBL salsa, by Jamie Gabbay; only £4/£6

There are plenty of fancy moves in (cross-body) salsa and I
have danced a few of them myself. But it’s not all about moves:
attitude, posture, footwork, and expectations can be more important
than knowing the latest combination. Put simply, if you make yourself
nice to dance with—and know how to make your partners nice to dance
with—then you’ll have more fun and get better, whether you do
classes or not.

In this 90 minute masterclass I will try to cover Jamie’s principles
of dancing, as applied to cross-body style salsa. These may include:
* Attitude: what women—and men—really want. I know because I’ve
danced as both.
* Defensive dancing: a bad lead or bad follow *can* be fun. Promise.
* Common technical errors: even advanced dancers get it wrong, and I’m
an expert.
* Timing and positioning: where to put yourself, and when.
* Psychology: how to manage and grow a dance relationship so the
dances just get better and better.
I can’t promise to cover all of this, but I’ll do my best.

Knowing the latest combination is *also* useful, so these principles
may be interrupted by and illustrated with some salsa moves.

Salsa con Rumba

Rumba, a hypnotic, drum-beat based afrocuban street dance, is the KEY to spicing up your salsa and taking it to the next level! This class will give a short intro into the basic body movement behind rumba, some more complex stuff including some of the orishas dancing and then finally we will incorporate some rumba moves into salsa so that you can use it in night clubs! ALL the best Cuban salsa dancers dance rumba!

Finally… (pheww) Club night and Chacha

This term has flown by! and now we are about to have the final salsa4water Club night before Easter and the exam period.

We have a chachacha workshop beforehand at 20.00-21.00 followed up by a rave of a club night going on from 21.00-00.00!

With unbeatable prices and as always all the money going to wateraid, the Workshop itself is £3, the club night £3 or you can have both for only £5!

We will also be doing a short show on the evening to keep you all entertained.

Music wise: Mostly Explosive Cuban Timba, But also some LA salsa, Columbian salsa, Romantic salsa, Bachata (ummmmm roy-yce), Kizomba, hip-hop and Reggaeton!

See you all down there and thanks for supporting us so well until now!
Salsa4water team


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