Language classes start TODAY (1/10/12)- Pay on the day (limited spaces)

Dear Linguisist

The Language classes start TODAY (monday) and tomorrow (tuesday). There are still spaces left on the courses, so people can ARRIVE AND PAY ON THE DAY at the classes. ALL COURSES NOW COST £30, which is still an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN for 10 weeks of classes. Arrive early, as still first come first serve to get a place.

For information on timetables and class location, see our website on
The number of spaces we have left are as follows:

French I- 3 spaces

French II- 8 spaces

Farsi- 12 spaces

German I- 5 spaces

German II- 9 spaces

Greek I- 10 spaces

Italian I- 5 spaces

Russian I- 10 spaces

Spanish I- 3 spaces

Spanish II- 10 spaces

Spanish III- 7 spaces


Thanks for the support guys

Language4water team 😉



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