Rumba and Afrocuban Classes

Dear Rumberos

As we will be taking next week off for the halloween congress, tomorrow (21/10/12) we will be offering a double bill of rumba and afrocuban, for all those who wish to stay for both tomorrow (you can just come for 1 hour if you wish), the classes will be £3/5 for 1 hour, and £5/7 each for 2 hours.


1) First hour (7.30-8.30pm, GUU)- Rumba (Guaguanco y columbia)2) Second Hour (8.30-9.30pm, GUU) – Yoruba/Orishas- Continuation of Eleggua, or we can move onto one of the other orishas (e.g. Obatala, Chango, Oggun etc), depending on what the students prefer.If you are serious about getting good at cuban salsa, the absolute KEY to getting good is learning Rumba and afro. This is what cuban salsa looks like when it is mixed with rumba and afro:See you all there 🙂
Salsa4water team

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p.s. for all those really keen on getting good at rumba, you can learn from my teacher too, Yainer Carbonell from Descarga dance, who teaches Rumba classes every tuesday at 20.00-21.00 at spotlight studios on 22 Jamaica Street

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