Mini Congress updates- tomorrow! (25/11/12)

ATTENTION- We have decided to open up the option for people to pay for single classes on the day (you can pay on the door to each of the individual classes). The price for this will be:

£6.00 per class for non-students
£5.00 per class for students

Of course, if you pay for each class singly plus club night it will cost you £38/£46 for students and non-students, so you still save money buying the all day pass even if you just attend 4 classes + club night. However, we understand that some people can’t make the full day and may only wish to attend 1-3 classes, so we have hence given the option. THIS WILL BE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY AND IF THE CONGRESS SELLS OUT WE CAN’T GUARANTEE ANY SPACES.

Thanks for the support
Salsa4water team + the many teachers who are donating their time and expertise to YOU for such a great causeImage


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