Vote Farah Portela

Farah Portela Alonso, ex-world champion in Rueda de Casino yet you would never know as she is one of the most humble people on the cuban salsa scene in the UK. The person who, along with her team, puts on free night clubs FOR EVERYONE in Glasgow to enjoy EVERY WEEK, twice to three times per week (all boteco/arta nights!), the lady who started the cuba salsa scene in scotland approximately 16 years ago when many of us were very small, and one of the nicest people in all of Glasgow, has been nominated for the “best teacher in UK” in the “Lucas awards” (the latin equivalent of the brit awards)!!

Coming up against about 50 other nominees, Farah is currently neck and neck for FIRST PLACE with one other participant. SHE NEEDS YOUR VOTE, and trust me SHE DESERVES IT.

Annoyingly, the Lucas system allows you to vote every 24 hours, so for her to win, people need to try the best to repeat the vote ever 24 hours to ensure she wins.

Having a teacher from Glasgow win this award would be incredible on so many levels, especially one who has been SO KEY to the development of the salsa scene here, and someone who deserves to win SO MUCH. Farah and her team have taught many of our instructors, and many of our instructors instructors.

Here is the place to vote (sign up, and then type “Farah Portela” into the search engine and vote for her):

Thanks guys- we really appreciate it and she really deserves to win, and we wouldn’t put this message out if she didn’t. It will only take a minute of your time 🙂

Salsa4water team


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