Academia de Salsa Vintage Xmas Ball

Whilst our classes are now off until january, we have 1 final shout out before xmas- Academia De Salsa have their xmas xmas vintage salsa ball THIS sunday- being one of the parties of the year, you don’t want to miss this. They have a HUGE dance floor and are offering a huge amount for a very reasonable price. Most of our instructors and students will be going!
Academia de Salsa Xmas Ball
Advanced tickets are £9 for students, £12 for non students, and price is £15 on the door (buy ticket here – 0141 2045151


This is what your ticket price includes:

*bachata workshop at 8pm with Denis and Adrienn (London)
*dance performance
* Live music from the incredible Lino Rocha (Venezuela)
* fun pics at our photobooth (9.30pm-11pm only so get in the picture this year if you missed out last year!)
*Hard core DJ line up ft. Keith Djpantera, Grant, William Quinn & Shannon
* xmas cd

Original FB event-

It’s going to be a “ball” of a time (literally- haha). Don’t miss out!

Have a great xmas
Salsa4water team 🙂

p.s. keep in mind the only way to get good at salsa dancing, is by salsa dancing. If you go to a night club and party for 4 hour, that is 4 hours of salsa practice in the bag- the equivalent of 4 lessons! Here is a video to remind you about what salsa4water is and does. Happy holidays!


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