Salsa4water Classes BACK ON THIS WEDNESDAY 09/01/13

Happy NY! I hope you are all PUMPED for this coming term FILLED with salsa fun enabling you to get good at salsa FAST, and do some studying on the side! Exciting things are going on: Salsa4water is taking off as a worldwide phenomenon now with S4W schools now established in 4 different countries; we have a NEWLY designed course optimised for YOUR salsa experience, our BRAND NEW website that will enable you to practice any move you have ever learned from us online, a new timetable with fresh classes, and we will be bringing world champion rueda teachers to come and teach you this term. LOTS OF STUFF, Exciting times!!

Sam Megan

Cuban salsa classes with salsa4water Glasgow start again this Wednesday (9/1/13) from 5-7.15pm. We have classes for all levels, from absolute beginner to master! These classes are A LOT of FUN and HIGH ENERGY. Learn how to dance, have fun, get some rhythm, get fit and socialise, all at the same time.

All our classes are taught in Rueda de casino format (a large circle or “wheel”, where you change partners constantly, allowing you to meet and dance with everyone in the room!

5 pm: Beginners, where you’ll learn the two basic steps in salsa, guapea and dile que no (after learning these you can already start dancing to music in partners!).

5 pm: Improvers- a 10-20 week course that you can join at any point after successfully completing the absolute beginners course.

6 pm – 7.10 pm:

– Intermediate/Advanced- Learn a new fancy advanced move every week whilst improving timing, musicality, Rueda moves, body movement, styling and improvisation alongside this. This couse is designed to prepare you for master level.

– Masterclass- Very high level class doing everything from insanely difficult partner moves to absolutely perfecting what you have done so far, from Timba and high-end musicality training to body movement and styling.

For one or both of the classes, £3 for students, £5 for non-students.

We look forward to seeing you and dancing with you! 🙂
Salsa4water team

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