Language4water is BACK

ITS OFFICIAL- the new 2013 Language4water Timetable is OUT. We have now added Arabic, Chinese, Level 2 Italian and level 3 German, just if what we offered last time wasn’t enough. The only way to pay this time for now is ONLINE, and we have kept our prices low whilst still donating 100% of the profits to charity. First come first serve- there are only 12 spaces on each course.

Here is access to the new timetable and how to pay:

All our teaches are volunteers and are either native or bilingual instructors, and will all have gone through teacher training on how to teach their language. The aim of Language4water classes is to get you speaking your language of choice and making your own sentences as fast as possible, giving you the opportunity to travel and make friends in foreign countries. Speaking a second (or third or fourth) language is such a key skill to have- wait no longer!

Not only will you get all the above at the incredibly cheap price we are offering, but signing up to our course will buy 2 people a lasting supply of clean water, access to a toilet and hygiene education. With 4000 children dying everyday from waterborne disease, 1/10th of the world having no access what so ever to a clean water supply, and 2/5th of the world having inadequate sanitation, YOU LEARNING A LANGUAGE IS LIKELY TO SAVE LIVES!!

Thanks for your continued support 🙂
Language4water Team

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