Photography4water restarts tomorrow (saturday 26/1/13)

First we brought you salsa, then we brought you languages, and now we bring you PHOTOGRAPHY4WATER: it’s 2013 and now we have a BRAND NEW TIMETABLE

Every week, starting THIS SATURDAY 26th JAN 2013, we will again be offering you of INSANELY CHEAP PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS from PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS! Additionally, you get all of this, in exchange for donating a small amount of your money to providing the worlds poorest people with clean water- 100% of our profits are donated to wateraid, and all teachers are volunteers!

Additionally, prices are INSANELY low, at only £5 for students (£7.50 non-students) for a 90 minute workshop.

The workshops will take place in the Turnbull hall Glasgow university Catholic chaplaincy (13-15 Southpark Terrace), between 11am-2pm, every saturday. There will be 2 workshops every week; one is for beginners (11-12.30) and the other is for intermediates (12.30-14.00). There is also an P4W club from 2pm-onward, open to all workshop attendees. The classes this saturday (tomorrow) are on ISO / Shutter / Aperture.

For more information, see our website on, or join us on facebook on

Very little in life is for free, so help us help others get something so fundamental to life as a drink of water and we’ll make sure you become better at photography. This combination of tuition, networking, unbiased guidance and making a difference helping others cannot be found anywhere else, so take advantage while you can.

We promise to make you into a better photographer if you can help us save lives

Thanks for your continued support 🙂
Photography4water team


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