Last opportunity to sign-up for language4water classes is TODAY AT YOUR FIRST CLASS. So many languages in this world, start now or you’ll never learn!

LanguagePartners5Now the only way to sign up is to pay on the day of the class (Today or tomorrow depending on the class). Remember, the address is Turnbull hall, Glasgow University  Catholic Chaplaincy, 13-15 Southpark Terrace, (off southpark ave, just around the corner from the Fraser building), G12 8LG.

Some of our courses are now full and most are nearly full, so turn up early to reserve a place if you’re interested. Chinese and french I are now FULL. We have only 2 spaces for Italian I, 4 spaces for French II,  5 spaces for arabic. Spanish and German have been so popular we have put on an extra spanish II class (spanish I and II will now be split into 3 levels- just turn up and we will sort you all out!) and second German I class. All other languages not listed here still have availability (5 places or more) 🙂

We now have SWAHILI on tuesdays at 4-5pm STARTING THIS WEEK, and we will be adding ENGLISH as of NEXT WEEK!!!

Here is the current timetable:

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 09.34.59Thanks for your continued support 🙂
Language4water Team


2 thoughts on “L4W CLASSES BEGIN TODAY (28/1/13)!!!

  1. Hi there,

    I’ve been away over the past week and so missed the beginning/registration for the language for water classes, and so just wanted to enquire about the Spanish level 1 class that runs on Mondays, are there any spaces left/am I too late??

    Thanks and regards, Mirain ________________________________________

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