World Rueda champions in Glasgow Sunday 17/2/13

Salsa4water are bringing WORLD RUEDA CHAMPIONS (2010) Nikola Medic and Danielle Satsias to Glasgow a week this sunday (hence on 17/2/13), to give YOU a 4 HOUR set of intensive rueda workshops! This will do a WORLD OF GOOD for your dancing and will be SO MUCH FUN!

They are phenomenal teachers and we are charging very reasonable prices- this is a real opportunity and is really an event you DON’T WANT TO MISS! It’s not everyday people bring world champions of this highly specialised art to Glasgow so that you can learn from them (except for the 2 world champions who live here haha)- support us so that we can do this more often!!

We currently have only 15 tickets left at our earlybird prices- first come first serve! See FB event for more details, (, or our website (

Thanks for your continued support Glasgow to our awesome cause 🙂
Salsa4water team

p.s. here is a video of Nikola and hist team winning the world rueda championships. As you can see, it’s pretty high energy stuff!


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