Classes CANCELLED Sunday 31/3/13 and Sunday 7/4/13

Hello fellow salseros

Salsa classes are cancelled this sunday (31st march) due to easter weekend, and next sunday (7th of april) due to…umm…the…umm…weekend!! Classes will be ON AS NORMAL however EVERY WEDNESDAY.

– Sunday 31/3/13- classes CANCELLED
– Wednesday 3/4/13- classes ON
– Sunday 7/4/13- classes CANCELLED
– then all classes back on as normal after this 🙂

Hence… you have no choice but to go to Boteco on Saturday night for the Easter special with the all incredible Tumbao salsa school, and party SO hard, that you would be too hungover to go to our classes this Sunday even if they were on!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone for such incredible support that they have been this term- thanks to you we have made a absolute killing for Wateraid- we have now as a society, in Glasgow alone, raised a total of £41,990.00. This will have saved many lives, providing 2,800 people worldwide with a lasting supply of sanitation, clean water, and hygine education. Contribute towards this cause by telling the world about it and asking your friends and family to donate to this incredible cause that you have all become part of

Happy Easter, much love and thank you all 🙂
Salsa4water TeamImage


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