Dear salseros

Luckily, we have managed to have some of our fantastic volunteers to continue teaching Cuban Salsa over the summer!

Here is our 2013 Summer Timetable (from now until september):
Salsa4water Summer timetable 2013
I would like to say a special thanks to all the support we have received this year, from all of our incredible students, other like-minded salsa schools, and above all, our fantastic volunteers who have dedicated their lives to this project- giving YOU salsa, language and photography in exchange for water! You are such an awesome bunch of people we are so so so so so lucky to have you all working so hard for this incredible cause!

A special special SPECIAL thanks to Krista Jazza who as of today has left Glasgow to pursue her dreams. Krista has been 100% dedicated to this project since it was founded 4 years ago. A phenomenal dancer and teacher with an energy like no other human, Krista’s efforts with salsa4water have been absolutely key to it’s success in becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Thank you Krista for everything you have done for the project and everyone involved with it over the past 4 years; you will be missed very much by everyone.

Over and out. If you need to contact anone regarding any “4water” stuff over the next 2 months send an email to salsa4water@gmail.com. I (Sam) will be away for 2 months in Cuba and hence due to the expense of internet there, completely uncontactable, but the lovely Nichola will respond to any queries or issues via email!

Much love and thanks for your continued support
4water team

p.s. Language4water and Photography4water classes will RESTART IN SEPTEMBER


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