Salsa classes in Glasgow

From now on, Salsa4water Glasgow class information can be found at our new website www.weare4water.org (please click the link Salsa classes in Glasgow). Here you can find lots of information on all the projects we run for all the different societies, full libraries of instructional videos, all timetable information, etc etc. This website (www.salsa4water.co.uk) will soon be taken down.

44 thoughts on “Timetable

    • Well if you were already amazing there would be no point coming for lessons!!!!

      We have an absolute beginners class on both Sundays and Wednesdays

      Come and learn how to dance salsa!

      salsa4water team x

    • Classes start on the Wednesday 21st September. The first class is free for all! More details can be found above (I have only just updated it)

      Thanks for contacting. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with

    • Thanks for contacting Jeff. I never knew the salsaglasgow website was yours!
      It would be fantastic if you could advertise for us on your site.
      Thank you very much for offering!

      Shall I send you some stuff to your email or how do you want to do it?

      I will look forward to your reply

  1. Hi Sam, Sean & the team,

    it was good to see you at my class last night Sam and after I got home I decided to have a look at your website to find out a bit more about salsa4water.

    I had a read at your ‘general info’ page and felt urged to write this. When you put your aims in such a simple and inspiring way it’s difficult not to be compelled to somehow contribute to your cause…

    Therefore, although I know we’re doing some stuff together next year I would like to humbly offer my services, free of course as a guest teacher at one or more of your classes in the nearer future. As you know, we have salsa classes from 7pm in Glasgow on Wednesdays which may or may not preclude my taking part on that day, however I do have some free Sundays coming up which perhaps you could take advantage of?

    Both yourself, Sean and also Colin at salsa4water in Edinburgh are some of the best dancers I have produced and also some of the nicest people I have ever met and I would be delighted if you felt your students could benefit from my teaching experience.

    Leave a follow up post here, give me a call (07591 733 508) or email me at chris@absolutesalsa.net if you would like to discuss this and in the meantime, all the best and good luck with this worthwhile project!

    Kind regards,

    Chris J Traynor

    • Wow that’s excellent to hear Chris! Having you teach some classes/workshops for us at the uni for us would be an absolute privilege; we would be honoured!

      To be fair, you already contributed to the cause a lot more than you know, because your classes allowed me to gain a real understanding for the dynamics of Cuban salsa and to improve fast and effectively. Without this (combined with Sean swooping in with a helping hand at the beginning when I was far from good enough to teach) I wouldn’t have been able to continue teaching, and the project would have flopped.

      Our students would certainly benefit, especially seeing as Mine and Sean’s dancing and teaching styles are derivatives of yours, it would be great for our students to experience the real thing! We have a good sized energetic class and would be delighted for you to give them some teaching.

      I will be attending your class tomorrow (Wednesday) so maybe we can talk about dates then.

      I look forward to your class tomorrow!

  2. Hi Sam.. I’d really love to come along and learn.. here’s the “but”.. not that it should make a difference but are the classes all populated by really young people because I’m a “mature” student?

    Donna 🙂

    • Most of our students are youngish students, but there are a couple of mature students. They are all really nice people though and our classes are open to everyone. even at our club night, it isn’t some student get drunk fest- people just come to dance.

      I hope to see you down there Donna

  3. Hi, I’m one of Criss’s student’s and I was wondering if I want to come in on a Saturday and stay for both Cuban and LA classess will I be charged for one or for two classes?

    • Hi Gleb

      Thanks for contacting.

      Cuban and LA classes are on sundays, and you would require to pay for both classes separately. Our classes start again this wednesday the 18th of April.
      You can However two both Beginners and improvers/intermediate/advanced salsa classes, only paying once, providing that you are at a good enough level to attend both classes.

      Does that answer your question?

      thanks a lot

    • Hi Michele

      Thanks for showing interest. Cuban salsa is danced in circles, with a high importance on body movement and timing. It is more free/street in style and is danced to Cuban salsa music, which carries many types of Afro-Cuban rhythms and other styles of dance such as reggeton, which are represented in the style of dance. However we mostly just teach the “salsa” aspects for beginner improver and intermediate level. It is taught in a big circle called a rueda (wheel) with fast partner changes and is a lot of fun.

      LA salsa (Los Angeles) or Cross- body salsa is a more ballroom style of salsa that is danced in lines. It is slightly more strict, but contains many fancy turn patterns and more spinning and is very smooth.

      Both offer different things so you can try out both, and either continue with both or just pick the one that’s right for you. Both are a lot of fun!

      Thanks for contacting

  4. Hi there, was wondering if classes are still on over the summer ? I came along yesterday (25/7), but there didn’t appear to be a class on. Thanks.

    • Hi Kai

      The class was was on yesterday but due to flooding they had to change the room to the subway sandwich room (same building different room). The timetable section on this website is current/up to date and hence feel free to come to either our monday or wednesday classes, depending on which style of salsa you wish to learn.

      Please feel free to reply with any questions, and sorry for any confusion caused by the last minute change in room yesterday.

      Kind regards and thanks for contacting
      Sam & salsa4water team

  5. Hi. I just found this online and am really intested in trying it out. At the risk of sounding silly, is the summer timetable that is posted above relate to right now? I wasn’t sure as you also posted that because the teacher’s are students, classes stop for three months. If they have stopped, can you tell me when they will start up? Thanks

    • Hi there Anna

      The classes are on as listed on the website. That is the summer timetable.

      After freshers week we will return to the normal “term-time” timetable.
      I will look forward to seeing you at class tomorrow?

      Thanks for contacting and feel free to ask any questions
      Salsa4water team


  7. Can you help? My partner and i orginally started with Chris at absolute salsa last year but unfortunately only made it to 3 classes due to work committments. When we tried to return found the classes had moved not once but several times. The reason we had orginally booked these classes in St Andrews Square, Saltmarket as they were local to us. Not sure where we stand here with picking up the classes or getting a refund of our fees which were paid up front Can you let me know who and where i should contact regarding this is? Is it still Chris?

    look forward to hearing back from you.



    • Hi Danielle

      We are a charity Salsa school and we teach Cuban and Cross body classes at the Glasgow University Union. Chris was no longer able to teach and we agreed to take his students and carry out the classes that they were owed. If you last attended Chris’s classes in the last 12 months (which we will have on record), you can use your classes with us. However, we cannot provide refunds for this. If you are wanting a refund, you need to go through Chris.

      Thanks for contacting and I hope to see you at class

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