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From now on, Salsa4water Glasgow class information can be found at our new website www.weare4water.org (please click the link Salsa classes in Glasgow). Here you can find lots of information on all the projects we run for all the different societies, full libraries of instructional videos, all timetable information, etc etc. This website (www.salsa4water.co.uk) will soon be taken down.

Other Salsa4water Schools Started in other cities:

Last year, Col Walder started a salsa4water in Edinburgh whilst Hadi Rizek started a salsa4water in Stockholm. Check out their classes, and tell your friends who live there to go there!

For Salsa4water in Edinburgh please click–  Salsa classes Edinburgh

For Salsa4water in Sweden Please clickSalsa Classes Sweden

One of our students, Christopher Peacock, started his own business One Dance Studio. Chris has done shows with us this year, including the 50’s plus show at the SECC in Glasgow.

Recommended Local Salsa Schools in Glasgow-

Our instructors still attend some of these schools. They offer a lot of fantastic classes from world-class teachers:

Descarga Dance– Lead Instructor- Yainer Carbonell. In 2011/12, Salsa4Water has welcomed performances from The Descarga Dance Company at the opening of the Salsa4Water club night, and the involvement of Artistic Director Yainer Carbonell in leading afro-cuban and popular dance workshops. The Descarga Dance Company is the UK’s only contemporary dance company actively representing African-Caribbean dance arts. Descarga teach Salsa, Rumba, Son, Reggaeton, Afro-cuban and many classes not provided by any other salsa school in Glasgow. These classes will give you a depth into the origin of Cuban Salsa that will change you from good or even very good, to Incredble. I go to these classes weekly and the teacher is a Cuban Pro who has worked for Lady salsa, TV Ballet, Conjuncto Folklorico and more- the most famous Cuban salsa companies in the world. This guys is world class and I strongly reccomend these classes! 

Tumbao salsaLead instructor- Farah Portela. Winners of Tropica Rueda Championship, Niece of one of the Benny Moré dancers and the original founder of Cuban salsa in Glasgow. These classes are incredible for becoming a rueda pro and they teach some advanced moves. Farah teaches at pretty much every International Cuban Salsa Congress and has a beutiful style. Very experienced teachers, and also put on 2 salsa nights every week (boteco and Arta). Sean attended these classes for a long time and this school has produced some of Glasgow’s best dancers (including many of the best teachers!). Highly reccomended!

Academia de Salsa Lead Instructor- Shannon. Academia is one of the most successful schools in glasgow and has produced some incredible dancers. Very organised and a great range of teachers. Academia do plenty of classes for students of all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced and run club nights 3 nights per week. Their classes are arguably the most popular in Glasgow, with a very high student satisfaction rate. We did a show at an event organised by Academia de salsa at their Christmas party in 2011. We strongly recommend this school!

Glasgow Salsa Club Nights

Information on all salsa club nights in scotland can be found on Salsaholics

Glasgow University Union

Our generous union who have given us hall spoace for free for 3 years. Without these guys, this all wouldnt have been possible. Thanks GUU! Please Click Glasgow University Union

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