Your teachers

Melanie 2

Melanie Melon:

With 10 years of modern jazz training, followed by 2 years of flamenco, Melanie started learning salsa with Salsa4water Glasgow, 3 years ago. Due to her enthusiasm and talent she started teaching for us within just 6 months of attending her first lesson.

Melanie has a unique style unlike any other dancer and has a beautifully musical and inventive dance personality, and is today, in our opinion, one of the best followers around.

Krista Jazza


Krista, our Finnish representative, has been dancing jazz since the age of six, which she exchanged for hip hop in her teens.

After hip hop, Krista took up salsa dancing (and dancehall) and has now been practising for nearly four years and teaching at Salsa4Water for three. As S4W Glasgow’s head female instructor she is one the lightest followers and fastest learners. Krista is a dancer with outstanding body movement and style, and over the past 3 years she has taught many people how to dance salsa, whilst studying for her degree.

Sam Kendall

Founder of Salsa4water and Head male instructor of the S4W Glasgow Dance school, Sam started dancing Cuban salsa 4 years ago, having done a 3 month beginners course of Cross Body salsa in Newcastle 2 years prior to this. After being converted to Cuban salsa by our previous head instructor, Sean Boyce, Sam was schooled in Cuban salsa by Chris Traynor (Instructor at Absolute Salsa, Glasgow) and Rumba by Yainer Carbonell (Descarga Dance, Glasgow).

Sam 2

Whilst studying and running the charity and it's surrounding projects, Sam has had a huge motivation to become an expert at Cuban dance, practicing every day, using every opportunity to learn from teachers around the UK and Europe. Sam has also spent 2 months in cuba, recieving intensive tuition from some of the worlds best dancers, including Principle Dancers from Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba, Ballet Folklorico del Oritente in Santiago de Cuba, and Los Muñequitos de Matanzas. Whilst not a professional dancer, Sam has an extensive understanding of Cuban salsa, Timba and Rumba and has a keen interest in Cuban Folklore and Afro-Cuban dance. Continuing to improve his dance style and knowledge, Sam has recently taken up Ballet and Contemporary dance, with the aim to become a professional over the next few years.

Sam won the “Exceptional Service” award at Glasgow university for his work with salsa4water.

Megan Williams

With 16 years experience in RAD ballet, tap and jazz Megan started learning at Salsa4water Glasgow 3 years ago. With her passion and enthusiasm for dancing she has been teaching for us for almost 2 years adding a little of her humour and personality into each class.

Sean Boyce

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