2013 Language Timetable

From now on, Language4water4water Glasgow class information can be found at our new website www.weare4water.org (please click the link Language classes in Glasgow). Here you can find lots of information on all the projects we run for all the different societies, full libraries of instructional videos, all timetable information, etc etc. This website (www.salsa4water.co.uk) will soon be taken down.

13 thoughts on “2013 Language Timetable

  1. Hi, I would like to take a french class but not sure which level to sign up for. I did GCSE french but it was a few years ago. I was wondering how basic beginners is and how quickly it moves on?

    • Beginners is designed for people with little or no experience in french. They will try to move on the class as fast as possible, but keeping the people with no previous experience of the language in mind. You will be taught basic sentence construction and key vocab you would require to form sentences and have basic conversations.

      For a level 2 class, the teacher will expect you to be able to talk about a given subject for 30 seconds, with decent grammar and few mistakes. You should already understand basic sentence constructions, and maybe have an idea about tenses other than the present.

      I hope this is useful

      Kind regards

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    • Yes your place was reserved by donating your money. The course started last week! There are still 7 weeks left though. Juts turn up to class on tuesday your place has already been reserved.


  3. hey! are there still spaces left in Arabic (beginners)? I only just saw that you started last week, but since I only missed one class, could I still join? How much is it again?
    Thanks! You’re all amazing for keeping up the great work!
    x Alex

    • You can join at any time, providing the teacher is happy with it, but the price will be the same for much less weeks so you may feel that it’s not worth it. You can just pay on the day at the class. The next block starts in september 🙂


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