From now on, Photography4water Glasgow class information can be found at our new website (please click the link Photography classes in Glasgow). Here you can find lots of information on all the projects we run for all the different societies, full libraries of instructional videos, all timetable information, etc etc. This website ( will soon be taken down.



– BEGINNERS : 12.00 am – 1.30 pm
– INTERMEDIATE : 1.30 pm -3.00 pm
– P4W PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB : 3.00 pm – Onward

Beginners : ISO / Shutter / Aperture
Intermediate : Advanced ISO / Shutter / Aperture

Beginners : ISO / Shutter / Aperture 2
Intermediate : Composition

Beginners : Modes and Buttons
Intermediate : Composition 2

Beginners : Composition
Intermediate : Lighting

Beginners : Lighting
Intermediate : Studio Location

4000 children die every day from drinking dirty water.
You can help by learning photography with us.

Description of photography classes

Are you a budding Photographer looking to learn new skills or do you just wish your photos were that little bit better? Well we could have just what you’re looking for and you’ll be helping those less fortunate along the way.

We have teamed up with Water Aid and the other Activities 4 Water groups to bring you:

Photography 4 Water

Each week we will be running a Photography 4 Water group meeting at the chaplaincy, and for a very reasonable price you can come along and try your hand at a variety of activities designed to broaden and hone your skills. You don’t need to have a big DSLR camera, in fact you don’t need a camera at all. If you’re just interested in finding out if photography is for you, then come along. There will be plenty to do and there are always spare cameras around that you can have a go with. You’ll be able to network with and learn from your peers, take part in competitions, discussion groups and short talks on specific aspects of photography, and even more if you become a member of the group on Facebook. You’ll also be able to get advice on a variety of subjects from general information regarding kit, to what the law says you can and cannot shoot.

In addition, we will be running basic, intermediate and advanced workshops throughout the year, giving you the chance to take your photography to the next level at greatly reduced prices compared to the high street – and all the while you will be continuing to help those in need.

Very little in life is for free, so help us help others get something so fundamental to life as a drink of water and we’ll make sure you become better at photography. This combination of tuition, networking, unbiased guidance and making a difference helping others cannot be found anywhere else, so take advantage while you can.

To Follow is the intended content for the next 10 weeks. Have a look through it and see if there is anything you think would benefit you and help make you a better photographer.


Week 1 Shutter/ shutter speed : 7/10/12

Here we will look at the technical aspects and different creative ways shutter speed can be used..

Week 2 Aperture/F/stops : 14/10/12

Here again we will be looking at the technical and creative aspects of the aperture.

Week 3 ISO/ and the relationship between it and shutter and aperture: 21/10/12

This week we look at ISO and the relationship between these three main pillars and the relationship between you , your camera and the world at large.

Week 4 composition: 28/10/12

This week we take a look at what is meant by composition, what goes into an image and how to spot a badly constructed image:

Week 5 Lighting: 4/11/12

This week we will look at the different types of lighting we can use, some simple light modification and basic light measuring.

Week 6 Creativity: 11/11/12

This week we will explore what creativity is and if we can work to become more creative.

 Week 7  The studio: 18/11/12


This week we will set up a studio and bring along some models, MUA and hair stylist and let you see how the lights are set and how to get the best out of your models..

Week 8 On Location: 25/11/12

It’s time to get out and about, we’ll take what we learned last week and attempt to take it into the field to do a fashion shoot on location.

Week 9 it’s all about kit: 2/12/12

This week we will be looking at the wide variety of kit available. By now you might be getting an idea about what you would like to do in photography so we’ll take a look at different ways for you to get the best results.

Week 10 Editing: 9/12/12

This week we will take a look at some Editing options and some basic techniques.

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